Hello Fellow “Brothers”!

Osso Good had its most successful week yet last week!!!  If you ordered last week, you should be receiving your fresh bone broth shortly (if not already).  We are so grateful to those who purchased and continue to purchase Osso Good Bone Broth!  It is rewarding to create a delicious and yet nourishing broth for you.  After serving a hot cup of broth to someone the other day, they said, “Man!  I just FEEL GOOD drinking this.” 🙂

This week, we also received an electrifying review from Food Editor, Peter Lawrence Kane of SF Weekly.  Read the following link to see what he thought of Osso Good Bone Broth.


Photo by: Peter Lawrence Kane

Photo by: Peter Lawrence Kane

As Osso Good continues to look forward to future endeavors, we are thankful for people like Peter who are taking the time to acknowledge what we have already accomplished.

We are still accepting orders for this week, if you haven’t yet ordered your recommended dose of our nutrient-dense elixir at: www.ossogoodbones.com


Meredith + Jazz, The Osso Good Team

Osso Good is the source for small batch organic bone broths online and in the San Francisco Bay Area. For more information, please visit our website at <a href="http://www.ossogoodbones.com">ossogoodbones.com</a>.