Because of the healing benefits of bone broth, traditional Chinese medical practitioners have been prescribing it as a remedy for centuries.

Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) has been around for thousands of years, and bone broth has been there right along with it. While the first written documentation of traditional Chinese medicine begins in the second century B.C., it’s believed to have been practiced for many centuries before this. And you’ll find bone broth as a trusted remedy prescribed by practitioners since this medicine began.

The ancient Chinese used bone broth to nourish the kidneys, build blood and support our vital essence, which is known as qi (chi). And how did they know it worked? They observed what was happening. Traditional Chinese medicine is based on empirical science, which means practitioners experimented and observed nature, continuously confirming their conclusions over time. While they continued to observe the cause and effects of their remedies, they discovered bone broth brought on amazing benefits.

Health Benefits of Bone Broth #1: Builds Blood & Repairs Cellular Damage

Traditional Chinese medicine regards blood as an essential fluid. This means that without blood, your body will not be able to perform its usual functions. When blood is used throughout the day, it has to be replenished so you don’t become blood deficient. Stress, exercise, work, and studying are just a few ways your body uses blood.

Bone marrow is where the body makes both red and white blood cells. If the body isn’t making enough of these cells, you can up the production with bone broth. Broth made from bones filled with rich marrow infuses the blood-making properties into our own cells. By drinking nutritious bone broth, you are giving your body what it needs to heal itself.

Bones are some of the deepest tissues of our body. Bone marrow is stored inside of our bones. This is also where you’ll find our essence, or the basic substance for the constitution of the human body and maintaining its functional activities. Modern technology has shown us that high concentrations of stem cells are found within in bone marrow. Stem cells are powerful, as they are able to differentiate into any type of cell. They can become blood cells, skin cells or any other cell your body needs. Drinking Osso Good Bone Broth regularly helps your body build a healthy and vital constitution while repairing cellular damage. 

Health Benefits of Bone Broth #2: Nourish the Kidneys

The kidneys are very busy organs in traditional Chinese medicine. The main functions of the kidneys include:

  • Storing essence
  • Controlling reproduction, growth and development
  • Producing marrow
  • Controlling the bones
  • Manufacturing blood

When you look at everything the kidneys are responsible for, you can clearly see why drinking bone broth would help nourish them. Those main functions and bone broth are totally aligned.

Keeping the kidneys healthy and strong is of utmost importance, as deficient kidneys can result in batch of problems. These could include impotence and infertility, weak knees and lower back pain, tinnitus, poor memory and many others. Strengthening the kidneys can help your body stave off the effects of aging, arthritis and infertility. Strong kidneys also help strengthen teeth and improve the luster of our hair.

Health Benefits of Bone Broth #3: Support our Vital Essence (Qi)

Qi originates from two main sources. We get what is known as original qi from our parents at conception. The other source of qi is the essential substances in nature, namely food, water and air. Eating a healthy and nutritious diet lets us keep our body balanced.

Qi has five main functions:

  • The promoting function, which allows us to maintain energy for proper growth and development as well as circulating blood and metabolizing body fluids.
  • The warming function, which keeps our bodies at an average temperature of 6 degrees Fahrenheit for proper functioning.
  • The defending function, which gives us a strong immune system.
  • The transforming function, through which qi helps our body’s metabolism and use of energy.
  • The holdingfunction, where qi holds our organs and body fluids in the correct places.

And how can you help keep your qi going strong? Traditional Chinese medicine says by drinking bone broth, and Osso Good is at your service. Add Osso Good bone broth to your diet, and you’ll support the body’s qi while maintaining optimum health and longevity.

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