Feeling tired, sluggish, and like your sleep could use a boost? Stay out of the medicine cabinet and head to the fridge. Osso Good Bone Broth is full of ingredients and benefits to promote a better night’s sleep in a natural, soothing way.

Bone Broth Benefit: A Better Night’s Sleep

It doesn’t make sense, does it? You’re exhausted from a busy day, barely able to keep your eyes open for one episode of your favorite show before bed, but you find yourself tossing and turning throughout the night, unable to stay in a deep sleep. There are tons of factors that contribute to poor sleep patterns: too much screen time, caffeine and other stimulants in our diet, irregular sleep schedules, even working out too close to bedtime can interrupt your natural rhythm. While there are many over-the-counter options, the horror stories that go along with them are just that — terrifying. Instead of opening your medicine cabinet, try the fridge; your diet is a big contributor to your overall wellbeing, and Osso Good Bone Broth can deliver you a better night’s sleep.

Why Aren’t We Sleeping?

According to the National Sleep Association, roughly 40 percent of Americans aged 20 to 59 are getting less than the recommended 7 or 8 hours of quality sleep each night — and if you’re currently yawning or downing that third cup of coffee right now, chances are you’re one of them. The stress and anxiety associated with our busy workdays is a big reason, but even a less-than-comfortable bed or a partner who tosses and turns can keep us up at night. Longer workdays mean less downtime in the evening, and while you may want to go for that long run or intense HIIT class to burn off energy, elevating your heart rate and stimulating your nervous system too close to bedtime may keep you up for hours as you wait to wind down. Staring at the blue light from our phones, tablets, and TVs can suppress melatonin production and alter circadian rhythms, making it harder for our bodies to naturally shut down to recharge. And as anyone with a new baby, toddler, or even a noisy pet can attest: sometimes we do everything right, but someone else won’t let us stay in dreamland.

Why Is Sleep Important?

Everything we use needs a recharge, including ourselves: Sleep is vital to allow normal body functions to reset, recover, and stay balanced. A few nights of poor sleep aren’t necessarily the problem, but habitual “under-sleeping” can increase your risk for diabetes, heart disease, weight gain, and high cholesterol. Studies show that adults sleeping six hours a night versus a recommended nine had more fat on their midsection and lower levels of beneficial HDL cholesterol, regardless of diet and exercise. Lack of sleep can create hormonal imbalances that work against the body’s natural regulating processes, and it certainly impedes brain performance and mood. Chronic sleep deprivation is also a safety hazard: Research indicates that driving while tired can be just as harmful as driving with a blood-alcohol level right up to the legal limit. In short, shortening your sleep is detrimental to your health.


How Can Bone Broth Help?


A warm mug of bone broth before bed is soothing to not only your soul but also your parasympathetic nervous system — the control center responsible for your ability to “rest and digest.” The body’s regulated by hundreds of enzymatic processes, and many of those, such as protein synthesis, nerve transmission, and muscle repair and recovery, are aided by one vital mineral: magnesium. Osso Good Bone Broth is a great source of naturally occurring magnesium, along with other nutrients, like calcium, potassium, and iron, that support your body’s recharge mechanisms.


Bone broth also contains glycine, an amino acid that has been shown to help the body stay in a deep, restorative sleep as well as reduce daytime fatigue. The nutrients in bone broth work together to improve circulation, stimulate cell turnover, strengthen and repair muscle fibers, and regulate the transmission of data through the nervous system — all functions that help us to sleep better and feel better in the morning. And the best part about Osso Good bone broth is what it doesn’t contain: gluten, dairy, or inflammation-promoting ingredients. Our Whole30- and Paleo-friendly broth doesn’t undo your diet or damage your digestive system while you sleep.


Along with all of the physical benefits of adding bone broth to your nightly routine, establishing a soothing ritual before bed can do wonders for a busy, frantic mind. Taking a few moments to revel in a warm cup, a quiet room, and a full (but not stuffed) belly can help ease you into a relaxed state. Think of it as meditation in a mug, designed to give you a better night’s sleep and help you function at top speed every day.


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