Bone Broth: The Ultimate Cure to the Keto Flu

Ketogenic diets have been shown to accelerate weight loss, help regulate blood sugar, and improve health in a variety of ways, but the transition to this type of diet can be difficult. If you are suffering from uncomfortable symptoms after starting a keto diet, you can turn to bone broth as the ultimate cure for the keto flu.

Understanding the Keto Flu

The keto flu isn’t caused by bacteria or a virus; it’s actually a term used for the very real and often uncomfortable side effects many experience the first week or two after beginning a ketogenic diet. Although these can vary widely from person to person, they may include nausea, headache, irritability, weakness, dizziness, muscle cramps, soreness, stomach pain, fatigue, sugar cravings, dehydration, and difficulty sleeping. Fortunately, there are ways to combat these symptoms and stay on your keto diet, so you can keep working towards better health.

How Bone Broth Works as the Ultimate Cure for Keto Flu

One of the key ways to alleviate the side effects of the keto flu is to consume bone broth as part of your daily diet. There are several key ways that bone broth works to provide the body with essential nutrients and elements to promote feeling healthy — even during the start of a keto diet.

Bone Broth Is High in Electrolytes

One of the biggest reasons people experience symptoms like feeling dehydrated, fatigue, weakness, and other flu-like symptoms on a keto diet is due to a lack of electrolytes. Bone broth is naturally rich in electrolytes, making it ideal as a beneficial food source. It contains four important sources of electrolytes: potassium, magnesium, sodium, and calcium that your body needs and may be low in on a keto meal plan.

Bone Broth Combats Dehydration

Many people don’t drink enough fluids after starting a keto diet regimen, and the result can exacerbate all sorts of flu-like symptoms. Bone broth is an ultimate cure for the keto flu because while it’s Paleo-certified and has no dairy, it’s creamy and delicious, making it easy to consume the additional fluids needed to prevent dehydration. It’s ideal for any time of day, whether you’re drinking a big mug for breakfast or sipping it as a post-dinner snack. You can also use bone broth to replace things like coffee or other unhealthy drinks to boost nutrition and still feel satisfied.

Bone Broth Is Low in Carbs But Contains Protein

When consuming bone broth, you’re still adhering fully to a keto diet because it’s low in carbs, but it also contains a moderate amount of protein, which can help you feel fuller and increase energy when you’re experiencing keto flu symptoms. This additional protein can bolster your system, help you feel satisfied, and may combat against things like sugar cravings and weakness.

Bone Broth Promotes Better Sleep and Cognition

One of the compounds in bone broth, glycine, is known to help improve the quality of sleep. Since some people struggle with insomnia after adopting a keto diet, consuming bone broth can offer a significant defense against the keto flu because it encourages quality sleep, so you’ll feel more restful and less fatigued throughout the day. Additionally, it promotes better cognitive function, so it guards against things like poor concentration and irritability commonly associated with the keto flu.

Bone Broth Detoxifies

Another benefit of the glycine found in bone broth is that it encourages the detoxification of your body’s cells, cleansing them and removing toxins. Glycine also assists in improving blood flow. By removing toxins and improving blood flow, bone broth acts as the ultimate cure for keto flu to reduce fatigue, as well as things like headaches, muscle cramps, and stomach pain.

Bone Broth Eases Pain

Aches and pains in the body are common signs of keto flu, but bone broth can help fight them off. Thanks to the presence of elements such as chondroitin sulphates and glucosamine, bone broth can help ease joint pain and inflammation.

Bone Broth Boosts Your Immune System

Many of the compounds found in bone broth support a healthy digestive system and immune system, such as hydrophilic colloid and amino acids like proline and arginine. Though keto flu isn’t caused by a virus, having a strong immune system will help you adapt to a new diet regimen more easily and help prevent you from being worn down by viruses and bacteria that will deplete your systems and zap your energy.

Fight Off the Keto Flu With Bone Broth

There are a variety of ways in which bone broth acts as the ultimate cure for keto flu. Its unique combination of healing compounds, minerals, electrolytes, and nutrients make it a smart choice when introducing a ketogenic or virtually any type of diet. If you’re looking for ways to incorporate bone broth into your healthy diet, check out our Instagram feed or the recipe tab on our website for inspiration!


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