Unfortunately for most Americans, the health benefits of bone marrow have been misunderstood for decades. But all that’s changing. Thanks to special eating plans and lifestyles like the Paleo diet, bone marrow is now finding its way into the well-deserved spotlight. While bone marrow can definitely take center stage based on its nutritional merits alone, it certainly doesn’t hurt that it tastes so dang good. Try roasted bone marrow smeared over some San Francisco hard-crusted sour dough to see what we mean. But let’s get back to the benefits of bone marrow, as that’s probably why you’re reading this post. Keep on reading to discover the immense health benefits bone marrow brings your way, and why you should start roasting bones today.

What is bone marrow, anyway?

The best place to start is by giving you a good idea of what bone marrow actually is. Bone marrow is a fatty, gelatinous substance found at the core of bones. This stuff is nutrient dense and rich in energizing nutrients that most animals primally crave.

Health benefits of bone marrow

Now that you know what bone marrow is, it’s time to dig into what it’s all about. Thanks to its array of nutrients, bone marrow comes with a slew of health benefits. The best way to outline them is by giving you a heads-up on the top nutrients you’ll find in bone marrow.


Fatty acids

Marrow is primarily made up of monounsaturated fat. Monounsaturated fats can help reduce bad cholesterol levels in your blood, which can lower your risk of heart disease and stroke. These fats also provide nutrients that help develop and maintain your body’s cells. Bone marrow is a great source of omega-3 fatty acid, which is essential for proper brain function.


One of the biggest health boosts of bone marrow come from the massive amounts of microelements in contains. These microelements include:

  • Calcium: Good for bones, blood, muscles and heart
  • Iron: Prominent in red blood cells, vital for the immune system and fighting fatigue
  • Phosphorous: Works with calcium to build bones, good for energy production and cell membranes
  • Zinc: Necessary for wound healing, thyroid functioning, blood clotting and immunity
  • Selenium: Needed for cognitive function and fertility
  • Magnesium: A must for muscles, nerves and many other functions
  • Manganese: Helps your body use other nutrients properly

Bone marrow also contains vitamin A in its complete form. In fact bone marrow’s trace elements are already in the right condition and concentration for the body.


Alkylglycerols or Lipids

Alkylglycerols have been in use in Europe for more than 50 years to aid in the prevention and treatment of cancer. They are also widely used to help the immune system function more efficiently to combat infection and respiratory ailments such as asthma.

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