While Bone Broth today is a chefs secret weapon turned super food, it has been revered around the world for centuries for its healing powers.  There is nothing quite like the smell of a slowly simmered broth or soup to instantly cause your mouth to water.  According to this history of bone broth, it was made before there was even a pot to cook it in.

History of Bone Broth Before there were Pots to Cook it

Before there were even pots, ancient cultures used empty abdominal pouches from slaughtered animals to cook meat, bones, vegetables, and water with hot stones that were warmed in the fire.  The first pots to be created and used were from ancient China where the first documentation of Traditional Chinese Medicine begins in the Second Century BC.  Bone Broth has been a remedy prescribed by practitioners since this medicine began.  The ancient Chinese used bone broth to nourish the kidneys, support our vital essence (Qi), and build blood.  In fact, as long as there was fuel for their fire, every ancestral culture had a pot of broth slowly simmering over the fire as the original “fast food”.  Hippocrates is often quoted with, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”.  It is safe to say bone broths and soups have always had a healing significance.

“Jewish Penicillin”

Termed “Jewish Penicillin” by Jewish Philosopher and Physician Moses Maimonides in the 12th century.  Grandmothers and Physicians alike have recommended a bowl of chicken soup with even the slightest resemblance of the sniffles.  According to a recent study published by the University of Nebraska Medical Center, chicken soup lowers inflammation in the respiratory tract and boosts digestion.  We now know that bone broth offers much more than just immune system support, it also helps boost digestion, lubricates the joints, and strengthens skin, hair, and nails.

Get Back to Traditional Roots

It wasn’t until recently with the advancement of society that foods began abandoning the traditional methods of cooking and were replaced with quick alternatives leaving us with more food than ever without nourishment.  With shelf stable broths and soups today containing hardly more than just MSG, it’s time to bring back the nourishing benefits of traditionally made bone broths and soups.  By slowly simmering your bone broth for 24 hours over low heat you are able to retain the gelatin, essential amino acids, and minerals that our ancestors taught us about.  It’s time to get back to our ancestral roots.  After all, real food doesn’t last real long.

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