For How Long Do You Cook Bone Broth?

Bone broth is a gorgeous paleo reduced mixture of animal bones and other flavors that may include sea salt and spices, tomato paste and/or other veggies. The benefits of bone broth make it popular, including a high protein content and healthful effects, such as clearing nasal passages, restoring normal gut function, and immune-boosting and joint health. Bone broth may also be used in various ways, for example in soups, stews, curries or as an elixir or beverage.

The process of cooking bone broth is very straightforward. The standard method involves combining all the ingredients, allowing them to slowly cook for between 6 and 48 hours, then refrigerate. However, if waiting until the next day for excellent bone broth is frustrating, we have great news. Osso Good Bones makes it easier for you by delivery of a superior nutrient-dense batch of bone broth in controlled units. Making great nutrition easy, you only have to store Osso Good Bones liquid products in a freezer bag at standard freezer temperature range. You then have 72 days of freedom to consume our healthy and flavorful products.

Various Types of Bone Broth

Preferences for bones for bone broth vary. Bones come from a variety of animals – beef, pork, lamb, fish or chicken. Cartilage and connective tissue such as beaks, hooves and fins may be used. Your local butcher will have lots of food parts that can go into the mix, including meaty bones, nutritious shanks, marrow bones, oxtail, or short ribs. In fact, during prehistoric times, hunters and gatherers turned seemingly inedible animal parts like hooves and knuckles into a broth. 

We love drinking bone broth all the time – in the morning, at midday, with the evening meal and twice before bed. Quite obviously, there is no wrong time for bone broth!

How to Make Bone Broth For The First Time

There are many bone broth recipes to suit different tastes ranging from caveman doctor to urban sophisticate. Check your farmers market for fresh vegetables. Below is a standard recipe in which the flavors and bones may be changed depending on your taste. Some people use a crockpot or pressure cooker to make bone broth, and may roast bones before using them. Beef bone broth comes from beef. Chicken bone broth comes from chicken bones or even a whole chicken. The best bone taste are the ones you favor. Filtered water may add a certain clarity of taste.

Example Ingredients

  • 2 kg of animal bone that may or may not still have meat attached
  • 2 medium-sized carrots
  • 2 medium-sized onions that are halved
  • 1 garlic head that is chopped roughly
  • choice of spices and herbs (such as sage, thyme, bay leaves and oregano)
  • salt to taste
  • 1 tablespoons of black peppercorns
  • 1 tablespoon of vinegar (red wine, white wine and apple cider are all suitable)


  • Preheat oven to 450 degrees Farenheit
  • Place the bones, onions, garlic, and carrots in a baking dish and into the oven for around 40 minutes. Keep tossing the mixture after every 5 minutes for it to get brown evenly.
  • Add 3 litres of cold water in a separate large stock pot along with the spices, herbs, peppercorns, salt and vinegar
  • Add the vegetable and bone mixture to the separate pot.
  • Ensure the water volume in the pot is enough to cover the bones.
  • Place the mixture on a stovetop and boiling it softly.
  • Reduce to low heat for the mixture to simmer gently.
  • Keep the lid slightly open and allow the mixture to simmer for a 6-48 hour cooking time. 
  • Regularly skim off fat or debris that rises to the top.
  • Add more water as needed to keep the bones immersed. A slow cooker may serve the same function as a pot.
  • Turn the stove off and remove the pot to allow the bone broth to cool to room temperature
  • Use a fine mesh strainer or cheesecloth to strain the mixture and discard the vegetables and bones.
  • Decante the bone broth into sterile containers or mason jars for storing in the freezer or fridge
  • Skimming off the layer of fat that solidifies at the top of the broth may be again necessary.

Benefits of Bone Broth

There are many reasons for incorporating bone broth into your diet. Here are some of the reported health benefits attesting to the value of bone broth.

Did you know that bone broth inhibits infection?

Chicken bone broth in particular has been associated with mitigating many infections caused by flu viruses, the common cold and so on. Think about mother’s chicken soup or chicken stock, beef stock or beef broth, and imagine something a zillion times more powerful and savory.

Healing and sealing your gut

Bone broth contains gelatin which attracts and holds digestive juices, thus supporting proper digestion.

Reducing joint pain and inflammation

Amino acids that are found in bone broth, such as arginine and glycine, have anti-inflammatory effects. Boiled down cartilage also helps in reducing joint pains.

Promoting nail and hair growth

Gelatin in the bone broth promotes healthy hair and nail growth.

Improving sleep and brain functions

Studies show that the amino acid glycine in bone broth helps your body to relax. Glycine  has been credited with promoting sleep.

Commonly Made Mistakes in Cooking Bone Broth

Importantly, bone broth that is poorly made may not fulfil its intended purpose. The following are some common mistakes that should be avoided.

Poor Balancing

Balancing is done before roasting and boiling. It involves the amounts of ingredients to be used for the final results. A mug of bone broth that was poorly balanced can unexpectedly deliver an unbearable mouth feel or an unsavory taste bud experience.

Roasted Bones and Other Secrets

Putting the bones in an oven is one way of roasting them. By browning the bones, and releasing sweetness through caramelization, you add flavor to the finished broth.

Too Many ingredients

Just bones and a few aromatics of choice are enough to create a good bone broth. You don’t have to throw in all the veggies you can think of. Keep the flavor focused. Sometimes fewer, but complimentary flavours, is a more pleasant experience.

Using a small stock pot

Femur bones are quite large. If you were able to obtain long bones with lots of marrow, avoid the error of using a too-small stock pot. We suggest you use the biggest stock pot that you have on hand for most favorable results.

Too much water

Adding too much water gives the broth a watered down flavor. The bone-to-water ratio has to be close enough for an intensely flavored broth.

Brief Simmering

Cooking bone broth is a game of patience. The bones used are often hard and thick, and require enough time to disintegrate. A simpler broth, such as that of chicken, requires less time. Give your broth the time it needs to properly develop.

Slowly cool the finished broth

Hot bone broth can be a bacteria breeding ground. The bone broth should be cooled as efficiently and quickly as possible. This also keeps the broth fresher for a longer time. It should be stored at cool temperatures, or frozen, as per applicable public health practices.

The Osso Good Bone Broth Difference

Our bone broth comes from natural, simple and healthy ingredients. We use high quality bones from animals that are humanely raised and well fed on grass. More of our nutrient-dense choices include:

  • Chicken feet that are a major source of gelatin
  • Chicken wings and necks
  • Femur bones of beef
  • Beef bones that are meaty
  • Neck and rib bones of pork

We unleash the remarkable nutrients through our key ingredient – organic apple cider vinegar. Our bone broth seasoning consists of pure veggies in proprietary mixtures. You will not find any preservatives or artificial flavorings in our products. We are all about healthy organic organic vegetables and foods ranging from bay leaves to peppercorn, and thyme to carrots. The result of simmering these carefully curated ingredients is a delicious bone broth that is genuinely worthwhile. Every Osso Good Bones bone broth is a flavorful, nutrient-dense and gelatin-rich elixir. Try our bone broths, you’ll love them!

Choose Osso Good Bone Broth

Before consuming bone broth, it is very important to ensure that the bones are from organically raised or grass-fed animals. Worry no more about that, Osso Good bone broth has got you covered. Make your purchase today.