You may have heard how fasting can give your body and brain a boost, and there’s a way to make it even better. Do it with bone broth. With the additional support of collagen, glycine and amino acids, this type of fast can serve up additional perks that go far beyond your typical fast. So just how to you do a bone broth fast? Keep reading to find out.

What’s a Bone Broth Fast?

This fast is a set amount of time where you stick to a diet of bone broth, water and natural herbal teas. This fast can last a single day or up to three days, and it’s a good rule of thumb to start shorter if you’re new to the fasting scene.

While most fasts don’t include solid foods, you can make an exception if you’re feeling light-headed during the fasting period. The exception can be eating a small meal during every 24-hour period, with the meal consisting of a small portion of grass-fed and finished meat and plenty of veggies.

How to Begin a Bone Broth Fast

Now that you have the rundown on what it entails, your next step is to simply choose a date to begin. Since you’ll want to avoid intense exercise and activities, choose a time frame where you know you won’t be out hiking 10 miles or heading to Zumba classes twice a day.

Your next step is to ensure you have enough bone broth to take you through the fasting period. The recommended dose of broth during a fast is between 3 and 4 quarts per day. Consuming the broth during regular meal times can work out well, since your body is already used to getting nourishment on that schedule.


Benefits of a Bone Broth Fast

Once you’ve got the date and bone broth, it’s time to start your fast so you can start reaping the benefits. All fasts give your body the ideal opportunity to burn fat, but the benefits of this fast don’t stop there. The added benefits of a bone broth fast include:

  • Increasing metabolism and promoting weight loss, courtesy of the high protein content
  • Promoting a healthy gut and improving digestion, thanks to the stockpile of amino acids and gelatin
  • Super-charging detoxification, due to antioxidants that include glycine, glutamic acid and cysteine
  • Enhancing sleep and clearing the mind, another perk of glycine
  • Decreasing joint pain, strengthening tissues and maintaining healthy skin, hair and nails, thanks to collagen, chondroitin and glucosamine

One final perk of this fast is feeling less hungry and less tired than you may feel during a straight-up water or tea fast. That’s because the high protein content, essential vitamins and nutrients, and antioxidant keep you more revved up and hydrated throughout the day. Not only will you be treated to amazing nutritional benefits, but you’re likely to feel more energetic and perform more spectacularly than you would if you were sticking with a traditional fast. So pick your fasting date and order your bone broth from Osso Good today.