Meal Prep: The Best Thing You Can Do on Sunday Afternoon

We’ve all had those weeks where no matter what good intentions we set on Monday, by Wednesday afternoon we’ve hit the slump and ordered takeout for lunch – or worse, skipped it completely and feel miserable. Eating healthy, nourishing foods that fuel and feed your body is important, and we’ve got two words to help you: meal prep. It’s the best thing you can do on a Sunday afternoon to stay on track with your nutrition and wellness goals.

It’s All About the Plan

All good meal prep starts with a solid plan and matching grocery list. Fatigue and decision overload is often what hinders us from making good decisions during the week. On Sunday, when you’re feeling motivated and enthusiastic, make the best food choices you can. Write down breakfast, lunch, and dinner for each day, and maximize leftovers. If Tuesdays are crazy, cook something on Monday that will taste great reheated. Try to use similar ingredients across days and meals to minimize food waste and cut back on prep time – like roasting a chicken for salads one night and using the rest to make a big batch of Easy Chicken Tortilla Soup (see our recipe below). And, if you know lunchtime is tight, pull some ready-made Osso Good Paleo Soup out of your freezer so you can grab-and-go for a quick, nutritious, and satisfying lunch. Once you have the plan, write down what you need and head to the store or farmers’ market committed to your list.

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But It’s Also About Execution

Osso Good Chicken Tortilla Soup

Osso Good Chicken Tortilla Soup

After the shopping and planning is done, it’s time for the fun part of meal prep: the work! Review those recipes and see what you can do ahead of time. Maybe you can’t dress your big salad, but you can wash all of the lettuce and prepare other toppings to ease your burden on Wednesday. Or, chop the jalapeño and shred the chicken for your Easy Chicken Tortilla Soup, cutting back on prep time when every second counts. Make sure you have enough Osso Good Bone Broth in the fridge to sip as a snack – our paleo-friendly broths are perfect for supporting your immune system and promoting healthy digestion, which suffer the most when we’re stressed. Set yourself up to meet your wellness goals by choosing healthy options, planning ahead, and always having bone broth on hand!

Easy Chicken Tortilla Soup

This recipe serves two but is easily doubled or tripled to feed a family or fill a whole week. If making ahead, combine everything except the tortilla chips, cheese, and avocado. Prep the avocado when you’re ready to serve, and top with chips and cheese.


4 cups Osso Good Chicken Bone Broth

2 cups shredded chicken breast

1 can of diced tomatoes

1 can of black beans rinsed

2 limes juiced

1 jalapeño, sliced with ribs and seeds removed

1 ripe avocado

Shredded cheddar cheese, optional (omit if paleo)

Tortilla chips, optional (omit if paleo)

Chopped onions (optional)

Fresh cilantro, optional


Bring 4 cups of bone broth to a simmer on the stove in a large saucepan. Add tomatoes, beans, lime juice, and shredded chicken and allow to simmer until chicken is warmed through, 10-15 minutes. Meanwhile, pit and dice the ripe avocado and chop the cilantro. Remove soup from heat and top with sliced jalapenos, avocado, cheese, onion, and cilantro. Serve with tortilla chips nestled on top.

For more bone broth recipes, check out our recipe page, or our new cookbook, The 7-Day Bone Broth Diet Plan and Cookbook has over 75 delicious recipes!