Pancakes, waffles, and cereal. Ā Ever wonder why the picture of a typical American breakfast is high in carbohydrates and low in protein? Ā The simple answer is, it doesn’t have to be. Ā In fact, a new study indicates why protein at breakfast is best for weight-loss.

Protein at Breakfast is Best for Weight Loss

A recent study conducted by the International Journal of Obesity proved that consuming protein at breakfast successfully reduced fat and body weight. Ā The study observed the effects of low versus high protein breakfasts on adolescents. Ā These adolescents typically skipped meals and they studied the resultant impact on weight loss. Ā The participants were split into 2 groups. Ā Over a 12-week period they either consumed a normal protein (350 calories and 13 g of protein; totaling 15%) or high protein breakfast (350 calories and 35 g of protein; totaling 40%). Ā The study indicated an “improved glycemic control with high protein breakfasts”. Ā This was directly linked to feeling more satisfied, decreased over-eating, and increased weight/fat loss.

Bone Broth is High in Protein and Essential Amino Acids

To take the study a step further, not all protein is created equal. Ā While lean cuts of meat and bone broth are both high in protein, bone broth contains essential amino acids not found in other protein sources. Ā Bone brothĀ is also one of the most digestible foods available. Ā By consuming Bone Broth regularly, you can improve your digestion while building lean muscle.

Adequate protein is important not only for muscle growth but also for increased weight/fat loss. Ā Bone BrothĀ is high in protein and convenient for a meal on the run. Ā Osso Good Bone Broths average 10-12 g of protein per 8 ounce serving! Ā Starting the day out right with a sufficient amount of protein will ensure nutrients are being fed to your muscle throughout the day.