Looking for a delicious Osso Good Bone Broth Smoothie Recipe?! Ā It is full of healthy fats, proteins, and minerals. Ā The perfect breakfast to start your day. Ā The best part is it keeps you full for hours and tastes delicious! Ā You can make it very simply in the morning or as an afternoon snack. Ā It only requires a pot to warm the broth and a blender to mix all the ingredients together. Ā You end with a frothy warm beverage to enjoy during your day. Ā Try the recipe below to see why we love it so much!

Osso Good Bone Broth Smoothie Recipe

10 ounces Beef or Chicken Bone Broth

1/2 avocado

1/2 tsp celtic sea salt or to taste

1/2 cup cilantro

  1. Warm the Osso Good Bone Broth in a sauce pan until it’s simmering.
  2. Add warmed bone broth and remaining ingredients to the blender and blend until frothy. Optional, but good… you can add a few splashes of hot sauce to give it a little bite.
  3. Pour into a mug and enjoy.

Please enjoy your Osso Good daily for the best benefit!