I am frequently asked, “what is the difference between Osso Good Bone Broth and the broths you can find on the shelves?”.  What it really comes down to is how they are made.  In order for the other broths to be “shelf stable” (have the ability to remain fresh without refrigeration) you have to pasteurize it.  This process involves boiling and heating their broths until they are no longer perishable.  While this is great in theory, it winds up destroying the health benefits that make bone broths so nutritious.

The key to making a good bone broth is to master the methods,  low + slow.  By simmering Osso Good Bone Broth for 24-36 hours over low heat, we are able to preserve the gelatin.  Gelatin is what gives broth its “jiggly” nature and also what makes it high in protein and good for joint and gut health as well as the rest of your body.

Here is a challenge.  Next time you’re at the grocery store, pick up one of the cartons of broth on the shelf and shake it.  Does it feel thick and jiggly or thin and watery?  You be the judge.

Many of these other products also have additives, such as salt and preservatives.  The sodium content in these broths range from 22-33% sodium content in just one serving with absolutely no protein.  Osso Good Bone Broths offer 12 g of protein per serving and absolutely no added salt.  Because many people have different palates when it comes to sodium, we decided to simply let you decide how much salt to add to your own broth.  Osso Good Bone Broths include only the best ingredients available that are always organic, pastured, grass fed, and local.

What is the best reason that makes Osso Good Bone Broth Osso Good?  Because they are made to be sippable.  Just yesterday, I was talking with a customer who told me that they had almost given up on bone broth altogether.  They had already tried 3 that were hardly digestible, let alone left him with any desire to drink an entire cupful.  After trying Osso Good Bone Broth for the first time, he said it was, “Osso Good!”  (Pardon the play on words here, but I can only tell you what he said.)

Osso Good Bone Broths make ridiculously good SIPPABLE bone broths!

Osso Good is the source for small batch organic bone broths online and in the San Francisco Bay Area. For more information, please visit our website at <a href="http://www.ossogoodbones.com">ossogoodbones.com</a>.