It never fails.  You start to eat healthy, and by day 2, you’re fantasizing about ice cream sundaes, pizza, and mac’n cheese.  All the things you can’t have!  There is an easier way!  One of the keys to successful weight loss is to fuel your body with foods that not only support your slim down efforts but also help you feel satisfied.  So, say sionara to binge eating that will completely sabotage your success! Here’s a list of a few you can count on to help you feel slim and satisfied.

  1. EGGS. These protein packed morsels contain all essential and non essential amino acids.  A study from the Biomedical Research Center of Louisiana found that eating eggs at breakfast helped people feel less hungry while also stabilizing blood sugars and helped them eat fewer calories throughout the day.  An easy way to incorporate this complete protein into breakfast is to poach it in 10 ounces of Osso Good Bone Broth with a fresh herb of choice.  Our favorite: cilantro and avocado.

  2. NUTS. Most nuts are high in Omega 3’s which have been shown to provide a boost to metabolism, immunity, and inflammation.  We’re nuts for these bite sized munchies when trying to lose weight, eat healthy, and curb hunger.  Best part, they’re loaded with protein and fiber for a quick snack.  They’re super high in calories, so just a few will give you the benefits you’re looking for.  Perfect for a snack.

  3. GRAPEFRUIT.  8 ounces of grapefruit juice or half a grapefruit every day can boost weight loss significantly. According to Scripps Clinic, after a 12 week study, participants noticed an average loss of 4 lbs.  Grapefruit contain high amounts of pectin, a soluble fiber known to slow digestion, and suppress appetite to leave you feeling fuller longer and reduce fat storage overall.  Make sure to eat the pulp!

  4. PROTEIN. It takes your body longer to break down protein than simple carbs, leaving you feeling full and satisfied for longer.  Help curb your cravings by having high quality protein with every meal.  By increasing your satiety in the short term, protein helps you lose weight in the long term.  Osso Good Bone Broth contains 12 g protein/8 oz serving!

  5. BONE BROTH-BASED SOUP.  According to the CDC, broth based soups will fill you up for a minimal caloric cost.  That’s a great way to feel both slim and satisfied!  Whether you make you own sans salt, or purchase from a quality source you’re able to reap the benefits of a warm and nourishing meal.  Check out this recipe for a scrumptious sweet potato soup!

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