Bone Broth Health Benefits in the Summer

When we think about sipping warm, nourishing bone broth, our minds automatically conjure up images of a cozy winter’s day, mug in hand with wisps of steam swirling into the air. Perhaps there’s a raging fire involved and Netflix on in the background. As nice as it is, it’s easy to forget that bone broth isn’t relegated only to the cold-weather months. It has the power to make you feel healthy and lively year-round, even when it’s 90 degrees out and you feel like chugging ice-cold lemonade rather than anything hot or brothy.  By drinking bone brother regularly, you’re more likely to achieve the results and health benefits you’re looking for.

Boning Up on the Summer Benefits of Bone Broth

We know what you’re thinking: who wants to sip hot broth in the summer? Thinking face emoji, big time. Actually, hot bone broth is not necessary at all. In reality, you can soak up the same bone broth nutrition in cold drinks and summery snacks as you can in a hot mug. Blend it in your smoothies, your dips and your cool, summer soups. Drizzle it over summer veggies and salads. In other words, sweating your way to good health is not necessary whatsoever, so keep the broth flowing well after you’ve come out of winter hibernation.

Why Sip it in the Summertime

  • It Fuels Skin Health — Regularly consuming organic bone broth can bring some massive health benefits for skin. It contains glycosaminoglycans (GAGs), which help maintain and support collagen and elastin, keeping your skin looking smooth, youthful and fresh, even when you’ve spent a little bit too much time in the hot sun or the dry A/C.
  • It Supports the Immune System — Though flu season’s over, there are still plenty of things to compromise our good health when it’s warm out. Adding this sippable superfood to your diet can help support the body’s ability to fight against common summertime ails, including summer colds and the inevitable dry, itchy throat that develops after spending too much time in the air conditioning. It even aids in wound healing, making it invaluable when the bugs are biting and your knees are skinned.
  • It Boosts Energy — If there’s any time of year you need more energy, it’s probably in the summer. In addition to your regular schedule, there’s weddings, concerts, vacations, pool days and cookouts, and you’ve got to be pretty energetic to show up with enthusiasm to everything. High-quality bone broth is rich in amino acids, such as proline and glycinem, plus essential minerals to keep your energy levels high year-round.
  • It Supports Weight Loss — Sipping bone broth for weight loss is not a bad idea for people who want to slim down for vacay or kickstart their bikini season diet. The natural anti-inflammatory properties of bone broth help support the body’s ability to shed weight, and participating in a bone broth cleanse could help kickstart your weight loss journey.

Not Just Any Bone Broth

When you’re designing your summer menu this year, make sure to integrate some high-quality bone broth into the mix. Remember that not all broths are created equal, but The Osso Good Company’s ridiculously good sippable bone broths are always a safe bet. Made with grass-fed and finished beef with no salt added, these healthy, flavorful broths will help you make the most out of the summer feeling your best!