Why is Protein Important?

Protein is a crucial nutrient to maintain various body systems. To say that proteins are the building blocks of all things in the body is not an overstatement. The body needs protein to repair damaged tissues and cells and to make new cells. When you don’t consume a sufficient amount of protein, your body suffers – lack of adequate protein can lead to muscle soreness, cramping, and general weakness, as your body repurposes protein from muscle stores to maintain important body functions.

There are many ways to add protein to your diet, including meat, eggs, seafood, and nuts, if you follow a paleo diet. If paleo eating isn’t your thing, you can add dairy products and legumes to that list. Eating a well-balanced diet generally ensures that you’re consuming adequate protein, but let’s explore an excellent source of protein that may not be on your radar: bone broth.

3 Reasons to Incorporate Bone Broth Protein into Your Diet

We’re on board with any source of protein that comes from whole food-based, unprocessed sources – but as you might expect, we’re partial to bone broth! If you’ve explored this site, you may already be aware of the myriad benefits that bone broth provides – from maintaining gut health to improving immune function and lowering inflammation. But did you know that bone broth is also an exceptional source of protein? Don’t let its liquid form fool you – one serving of bone broth has 15 grams of protein, compared with 1 gram in most chicken broths. Bone broth protein is extracted during the long simmering process, along with a load of other vitamins, minerals, and amino acids.

If you’re looking for clean sources of protein, here are some of the reasons you’ll want to add bone broth protein to your diet:

  • Bone Broth Protein Aids in Weight Loss

One of the reasons that weight loss presents a challenge for many people is that it’s difficult not to feel like you’re missing out when you make a big dietary change. Many conventional diets focus on deprivation rather than nutrition. That’s one of the reasons bone broth is such a great weight loss tool – the protein in bone broth helps your body feel full longer, promoting calorie restriction without forgoing nutrition. Bone broth also boosts your metabolism, helping your body convert your food into energy more efficiently.

As part of a nutritious, whole foods-rich diet, bone broth protein is a fantastic way to kick-start the shedding of a few unwanted pounds. If you’re really looking for a dietary overhaul, you may even want to consider taking part in a bone broth cleanse. You can read more about why we recommend bone broth cleanses here, and they can be a wonderful reset for your body as well as for your diet.

  • Bone Broth Protein Can Be Used in Many Different Ways

Let’s face it, there’s only so many ways you can cook a piece of chicken. Bone broth protein, on the other hand, lends itself to a wide variety of uses. It goes without saying that bone broth is an awesome base for soups, but did you know that you can also use it to cook rice and other grains? Adding bone broth as the liquid base in your cooking can even add a boost to otherwise protein-light meals such as sautéed veggies. When used as a base for other culinary dishes, bone broth adds a deliciously complex and savory flavor that you don’t get from water or regular broth.

If you want to really think outside the box (or stove, as it were), you can even freeze bone broth in ice cube trays and use the cubes as a whole-food protein source for smoothies, rather than relying on processed protein powders. Don’t worry, your smoothie won’t taste like chicken! When the bone broth ice cubes are combined with other flavors in your smoothie, such as fresh or frozen berries, the taste will be masked, leaving you with a delicious tasting smoothie that packs a big protein punch.

  • Bone Broth Protein Offers Health Benefits Not Found in Many Other Protein Sources

We’ve discussed why the body needs protein, and the fact that you can obtain your body’s daily intake of protein from a variety of food sources. So what makes bone broth protein such a smart addition to your diet? When you consume bone broth protein, you’re getting those crucial nutrients necessary to build tissues and cells, but you’re also getting the amazing health benefits of bone broth, which most other sources of protein just can’t compare to.

Bones that are simmered at a low temperature for an extended period of time release collagen-rich gelatin, joint-healing glucosamine and chondroitin, and loads of minerals, vitamins, and anti-inflammatory amino acids. The resulting nutrient-dense bone broth is a boon to your body. Not only does bone broth aid in the healing of a host of health issues (digestive disturbances, inflammation, and leaky gut, just to name a few), but it aids in your body’s detoxification process, and the abundance of collagen help build and strengthen the proteins in skin, nails, and hair.

How Can I Incorporate Bone Broth Into My Diet?

There are SO many reasons to love bone broth, and one of them is that it’s incredibly easy to make! With very few ingredients (high-quality animal bones, tendons, and joints, herbs, vegetables, and apple cider vinegar), a large stock pot, and some time, you can have a big batch nourishing and protein-rich bone broth.

If you’re not interested in making your own, we recommend sourcing your bone broth from a reputable company that uses only high-quality, organic ingredients. The quality of the ingredients is paramount to obtaining the most benefit from your bone broth. Two of our favorite companies are The Osso Good Co. and Flavor Chef. Both of these companies pride themselves on making small-batch bone broth using only the highest quality bones, vegetables, and herbs, so that you get all of the benefit of a homemade bone broth, with the convenience of delivery right to your door.