You’ve made a spectacular decision if you decided to incorporate bone broth into your diet. But you aren’t out of the decision woods just yet. You still have one more option to decide: should you go for chicken or beef.

When it comes to chicken bone broth vs. beef bone broth, their differences can be boiled down to a handful of specifics (pun intended).

Taste: Chicken Bone Broth Versus Beef Bone Broth

One of the most obvious differences between the two is the taste. Chicken bone broth is generally lighter than beef bone broth, with beef packing a heartier, richer flavor. Of course, the depth of the flavor also depends on whether or not that bones are roasted before simmering, along with the cooking temperature and time. Cooking any type of bones for too long (48 hours or more) at too high a temperature can leave you with broth that is bitter and frankly nasty.

If you’re going for Osso Good bone broth, know that we simmer all our broths for up to 24 hours on moderate temperatures, giving our amazing ingredients time to properly unleash all flavors and send nutrients your way. Both our chicken and beef are tasty, with the preferred taste depending on personal taste.

Nutritional Benefits: Chicken Bone Broth vs. Beef Bone Broth


Both chicken and beef bone broths are brimming with loads of nutrients, but you will find subtle differences between the two.

  • Higher Omega-6 Ratio: Chicken

Chicken bone broth has a higher omega-6 ratio than beef broth. If you’re keeping an eye on your omega-6 intake, you may want to go for the beef. While omega-6 is a nutrient our bodies must get from outside sources, an overload of omega-6 can bring on systemic inflammation. And we Westerners tend to be overloaded with omega-6 from soybean, corn and vegetable oils.

  • Higher Protein: Chicken

Chicken bone broth is a shade higher in protein than its beef counterpart, as long as you include the chicken feet. Chicken feet contain scads of collagen, even more than beef bones, and they can amp up the protein in your broth.

  • Higher Mineral Content: Beef

Beef bones are heavier and larger than chicken bones. This gives them a higher concentration of certain minerals, like magnesium, sulfur, phosphorus and calcium. A higher level of these minerals can, in turn, deliver higher energy levels.


Easier Digestion: Chicken Bone Broth vs. Beef Bone Broth


One final consideration may be how easily digestible each broth is. Thanks to the extensive simmering time, all bone broth is pretty easy to digest. But chicken is a little more so. Some folks find chicken broth easier on their digestive system, making it a preferable option if you have digestive issues.

So there you have it. A few differences between the two types of broth may make one or the other a better choice for you. If the differences don’t really matter for your lifestyle, and you dig the taste of chicken as well as beef, the best choice overall would be to go for both. Keep a steady supply of both in the house, picking whichever one suits your mood of the day.