Five Tips to Start Your Day With a Healthier You

Better health means a better life, but in today’s busy world, high stress, lack of sleep, poor eating habits, and more can take their toll on the body and the mind. If you’re looking for ways to start your morning off right and want to feel your best, try these five tips to start your day with a healthier you.

1. Reduce Stress by Planning Your Morning

From gut issues to headaches, stress can affect your body in major ways. Reduce the impact of stressful mornings by planning ahead. Create a routine that includes things that will make it easier to get ready for the next morning, like checking your calendar, checking the weather forecast, making sure your bag and keys are by the front door, and doing breakfast prep the night before. Keep healthy meal items like Osso Good Bone Broths and soup on hand so you can grab one on the go. Once you’re done with your evening routine, take care to wind down and go to sleep at a decent hour. These simple steps will make your morning less stressful and set the stage for a more productive and healthier day.

2. Rehydrate Your Body

Sleep dehydrates your body, and rehydrating as soon as possible in the morning can have numerous health benefits. You’ll start your day feeling more awake and refreshed, be less likely to grab sugary beverages, and help jump start your metabolic and digestive processes. Good choices to start your morning include ice water, lemon water, unsweetened tea, and bone broth. Keep the rehydration train going by making sure you have a reusable water bottle you can refill throughout the day, and plan for beverage breaks to make sure you are getting enough water and electrolytes.

3. Start Your Day With Cardio

Health experts suggest that one of the healthiest habits you can adopt for your morning routine is, to begin with exercise. Exercising first thing not only gives you more energy, but it may also help you spur your body to go into a fat burning mode, helping your metabolism stay strong throughout the day. Cardio is the best choice; it helps improve both overall physical health and mental health. Get your day started with an activity like jogging, swimming, or biking to get your heart pumping and give your entire day a better outlook.

4. Fuel Your Morning With Protein

So you’ve downed your lemon water and gotten a good workout in — don’t rush off to work or school without refueling your body. Skipping breakfast can cause fatigue, impact cognitive function, and slow metabolism. There are lots of healthy choices you can make in the morning, but protein ranks among the best foods to start your morning. Protein helps you feel fuller longer (with fewer calories) and will help avoid gut issues that can be caused by gluten-rich foods. Many protein sources — such as eggs, cottage cheese, nuts, Greek yogurt, and bone broth — also contain vital nutrients that help the body’s systems work optimally throughout the day.

5. Establish Healthy Trigger Habits

Most people go through their mornings on autopilot, and it can be hard to change unhealthy habits like hitting the snooze button, grabbing a sugary coffee drink, and skipping breakfast because you’re rushing to get ready. Start an overall healthier morning by establishing small habits that will trigger you to the next healthy thing — instead of checking your phone first thing for messages, get up and do a few push-ups. This will trigger you to drink your water, which in turn causes you to slow down and take a few mindful moments to prepare for the day. Consider adding some of the following habits in to help establish a chain reaction of healthier morning behaviors:

  • Instead of checking messages or turning on the news, take a few moments to meditate, practice gratefulness mentalities, or do self-affirmation exercises.
  • Begin the morning with a few exercises, such as push-ups, stretching, or yoga poses.
  • Write down or at least mentally set priorities to help structure your day with less stress.
  • Keep high-protein healthy breakfast and lunch foods ready to go to keep your body energized throughout the day.

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