Now, more than ever, it is important to consider how we get our favorite products. Minimizing the time spent outside of the home or in grocery stores has become not only a priority but a patriotic duty. Also, as millions of Americans shift their food-spend dollars from restaurants to cooking at home, bone broth is an important and nutritionally dense staple that can take even a bowl of canned soup a level up. Furthermore, during these times of economic uncertainty, many may be pairing back luxury items and health and wellness products like bone broth. However, this doesn’t have to be the case. If you’re in despair because the rapid pace of change in the world has interrupted your daily cup of bone broth, then fear not. Osso Good Bones has you covered and will deliver any number of specialty bone broths containing premium ingredients directly to your door. Order a sample pack or order bulk packages that will provide you the highest quality bone broth to support your health without wasting your hard-earned, and likely diminishing money. If you are gluten-free or living on a Paleo diet or keto diet, then there is simply no substitute. For an array of incredible bone broth recipes in an online cookbook and cutting edge ideas to enjoy your favorite superfood, click here.

Bone Broth Is The Newest Superfood

One of the newest superfoods sweeping the health and wellness trend right now is bone broth. Unlike a lot of superfoods such as yogurt, leafy greens, organic vegetables or veggies, ginger, and avocado, bone broth is time-consuming and difficult to prepare correctly and consistently, even if you make it in your instant pot or with kettle and fire. So, many may sacrifice the benefit of this new and worthy entrant to the world of superfood status in the name of convenience. How often can we truly take the 18-24 hours recommended by Goop to make your own bone broth? Furthermore, how many of us want to do the work of a butcher to prepare and handle the meatiest and most flavorful and savory bones that are utilized to create the best bone broths with the best flavor profiles?

Don’t get us wrong. All the power to you if you are running an efficient kitchen that is churning out tasty bone broth. Unfortunately, for many of us, this is not a reality with which we are familiar. So how do we gain access to this superfood conveniently, and as affordably as possible?

The answer is the same as many sought after products. If you get access to regular supplies of something through a subscription or membership type-model, you can easily apply the savings in a way that can integrate products that were previously too expensive into your daily life. Why pay $15 for a cup of bone broth at Erewhon or Whole Foods when you can get a better product for a lower price? Osso Good Co. is one of the top-rated providers of bone broth. They offer a variety of deals and packages that can help you integrate a powerful superfood into your daily health and wellness routine without breaking the bank. 

Why Do People Drink Bone Broth?

If bone broth is something new to you, then you’re probably wondering what the big deal is? Why do so many people drink bone broth regularly? Well, there are a few reasons, the first one being the incredibly nutritional properties of bone broth. The superfood status of bone broth is well deserved. 

Bone broth contains high amounts of vital nutrients, for example it is collagen rich(which has anti-aging properties) and healing proteins and amino acids crucial to our body’s functioning. It also contains minerals such as collagen, magnesium, and phosphorus. Bone broth made from scratch and not store-bought bone broth has been a staple of human diets for years. Typically, the mixture is made using a higher concentration of bones with connective tissue. Many people like texture and taste. For this reason, bone broth is a versatile and healthy ingredient that can add a lot of depth and sophistication to typical dishes or soups. 

How to Best Enjoy Bone Broth

Chicken bone broth and beef bone broth is typically a little blander than typical beef stock or chicken stock or soup, so it is often used as a medium to enjoy more robust flavors like lemon, spice, turmeric, peppercorns, sea salt, or ginger. It is a healthy quality ingredient that can also be used to cook rice for more nutrients and flavor, or can be added to mashed potatoes for the same reason. It is a versatile ingredient that is sure to add richness and pleasant texture to anything it is added to. It can also be sipped and enjoyed alone as a replacement for coffee or tea. 

Some people do not enjoy the taste of bone broth but may wish to consume it still to attain the considerable nutritional benefits of bone broth from doing so. Luckily for them, bone broth can easily be added to soups or even smoothies. Osso Good offers pre-mixed paleo soups with organic ingredients and uses its premium bone broth as the base of them. This tasty option may be a good option for those solely drinking bone broth for nutritional reasons. Or, you could try one of the company’s sample packs to identify which types of bone broth mixtures and flavors you enjoy best. 

What Are The Most Common Types of Bone Broth

Bone broth comes in many types and flavors. The most common bone broth comes from either Chicken broth or Beef broth. However, some popular varieties of bone broth have also come to include products derived from turkey, pork, or even lamb. While the animal used to produce the broth is undoubtedly one of the essential distinctions when selecting bone broth, there are others to consider as well. 

Bone broth has a range of health benefits and nutrients which are particularly useful for those who suffer from certain auto-immune disorders and must stick to a special diet to combat their symptoms. This Autoimmune Protocol (AIP) diet can help reduce symptoms that plague those suffering from some of the most unpleasant symptoms possible. The nutrients in bone broth can specifically help reduce gut symptoms and other unpleasant symptoms associated with these disorders. Not all bone broth providers are capable of producing AIP compliant products. However, if you require a paleo-friendly product that also achieves the high standard of AIP compliance, then the only option for you is Osso Good Bones AIP compliant bone broths. You will be hard-pressed to find a cheaper bone broth that is AIP compliant anywhere!

What Is a Bone Broth Cleanse?

Some people use bone broth as part of a comprehensive cleanse. This usually consists of consuming nothing except for bone broth for a few days or even a week or more. Some other types of cleanses can be far riskier and more dangerous than using bone broth. When people use only juice to cleanse, it can leave them dangerously deficient of protein. However, bone broth is so high in grams of protein and other vital nutrients that if you’re going to use anything for a cleanse, bone broth is a safer alternative, then honey, apple cider vinegar, lemon, and cayenne. Plus, you can always add these three ingredients in addition to your bone broth to get the same benefit of that to cleanse with a safer and more nutritional base.

Some people may wish to use this process to lose weight or reset their relationship with food. Others may want to have a pure intake for a time to reset their internal systems. Bare bone broth is thought to be particularly beneficial for gut and digestive health. A cleanse can significantly help reduce inflammation, as well. Whatever your reason for cleansing, go to Osso Good Bones to select one of their pre-built cleanses, or you can even design a custom cleanse that is congruent with your unique health needs and aspirations. 

Not All Bone Broth Is Created Equal

Whenever a new trend is sweeping health and wellness circles, there are unfortunately unscrupulous actors who come in and try to capitalize on well-meaning consumers seeking to better themselves. It’s crucial, whether you’re making your bone broth, or purchasing it from a third-party vendor you have to do your proper due diligence to determine what ingredients are used in the process of making the product is in line with your values and if there are any adulterants or pollutants in the product that you should know about. You should always check whether something is USDA certified organic or not. Check the ingredients and customer reviews.

If you’re making your bone broth, preparation time is one of the keys. Goop recommends cooking bone broth for 18-24 hours (many people suggest even longer) and using bones that contain a lot of connective tissue and muscle for the best flavor. 

If you’re shopping for bone broth to add as an ingredient in cooking or to sip on as a hot beverage, then make sure to select reputable brands who explain their ingredients, process, and values to you. If you’re vegan, gluten-free, or Paleo, be wary of brands that do not accurately mark their products as compliant with your particular diet or needs.