Holiday Hacks: How to Stick to Clean Eating This Upcoming Season

As the calendar fills with office parties, happy hours, Thanksgiving feasts, and maybe even a cookie swap or two, it can feel like the whole season is conspiring against your healthy diet goals. Consider this our gift to you — holiday hacks on how to stick to clean eating this upcoming season.

Plan Ahead

You’re heading to your grandmother’s house for the annual Thanksgiving day celebration, and you know the table will be full of foods you normally avoid. The best way to make sure you stay on track is to plan — and eat — ahead of time. Eat a big salad before you hit the road, putting some greens and fiber in your system to counteract cravings that can cause you to overeat. Bring a few pouches of Osso Good Bone Broth along in your cooler, making sure you’ll get all the nutrients, minerals, and protein your body needs throughout your time away from home. And maybe even convince your grandma to try some, too — bone broth is paleo- and Whole30-certified, free of inflammatory ingredients, and good for the whole family! Staying ahead of your hunger and knowing what to expect are great steps in keeping with your clean eating plan.

Stay Hydrated

With indoor heating systems drying out our environments and cold, dry air outside, it’s hard to stay hydrated in the winter. Dehydration contributes to exhaustion, lower mental performance, and less ability to deal with the stressors of the holiday season. We can also mistake thirst for hunger and eat even though we don’t really need to. Nutrient dense liquids, like Osso Good Bone Broth, provide all of the essential vitamins, collagen, and amino acids to keep your body and brain functioning at high speed. Bone broth replenishes minerals and electrolytes just as well as any sports drink, without the added sugar or artificial dyes. Whenever you’re feeling a craving come on, warm yourself up a mug of bone broth to boost your hydration. It’ll help keep you alert and away from the snack table.

Prioritize Better Sleep

The days are getting shorter, but your to-do list is growing longer, so you compensate by staying up late and missing out on sleep. Like dehydration, a lack of sleep can cause a whole host of problems from irritability to headaches to poor digestion and a weakened immune system — nothing you want during the most wonderful time of the year! Create a nightly ritual by replacing your evening snack or cup of tea with bone broth instead. The amino acids, such as glycine, help your body recover from a long, busy day and get you ready for a restful night of sleep. And in the morning, consider replacing your caffeine with bone broth, too. It’s full of superfood ingredients that promote better energy and focus, reduce inflammation, and regulate your digestive system to help you stay awake and healthy, without the dreaded 2 p.m. slump.

Make Smart Swaps

You’ve planned ahead, hydrated, and slept well, but that still doesn’t change what shows up on the dinner table … but YOU can! An easy way to keep to your clean eating plan is to swap in clean ingredients. Chat with your brother about lightening up the green bean casserole by using creamy, dairy-free Osso Good Bone Broth and fresh mushrooms instead of the canned soup. Bring a big vat of vegetable soup in a bone broth base to fill hungry (or hangry) bellies with nutritious, healthy ingredients before the big meal. Trade morning pancakes for a smoothie bowl, or make leftovers into a superfood stew. The possibilities are limited only by your creativity — check out our recipe page for some great ideas!


The holidays should be a time of joy, gratitude, and love, not fear of what will show up on your plate. By prepping healthy alternatives, increasing your fluid intake, and getting good quality sleep, you’ll set yourself up for a successful season. But don’t be afraid to indulge a little, too. By making the best choices for your body, you can enjoy a slice of homemade pumpkin pie, and the loved one who made it, without regret!


The holidays don’t have to be scary for your diet. Planning, swapping, and staying on top of your well-being will all help keep you on track. Try these holiday hacks to stick to your clean eating during the season!


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