Bone broth comes with oodles of benefits, and one just happens to be the straightforward way it’s made. No major muss. No terrible fuss. No exotic ingredients you have to fly overseas to find. In fact, bone broth can be created with many ingredients most folks already have in their kitchen. This especially applies to Osso Good Bone Broth, as we’ve found the best bone broth comes from simple, natural and healthy ingredients and a creation process that’s just as easy.

Start with High-Quality Bones

Since the nutrients from the bones and connective tissue are what really pack bone broth with a top nutritional punch, you want to start with high-quality bones. Put good stuff in, and good stuff comes out.

High-quality bones come from animals that are raised humanely, such as grass-fed and finished beef. They’re also bones that provide the highest levels of nutrients.

Nutrient-dense choices can include options such as:

  • Full-body chicken bones, including the neck and back
  • Chicken wings and chicken feet, with the latter a great source of gelatin
  • Beef femur bones
  • Meaty beef bones like short ribs and oxtail
  • Pork rib bones, neck bones or pigs’ feet

Bones are first placed in a huge cauldron of water, but the heat stays off until the key ingredient does its things.

Add the Key Ingredient

Some type of acid is the key ingredient for bone broth, as it’s what gets the bones to release their full slate of mind-blowing nutrients. We opt for organic apple cider vinegar as our acid of choice. We add a bit to the pot of bones and water, then let it sit for at least 30 minutes to prompt the unleashing of the nutrients.

Bone Broth Seasoning Comes Next

Osso Good Bone Broth seasoning consists of real live vegetables, period. You won’t find any flavorings, preservatives or even salt — just organic veggies that range from carrots to thyme, peppercorn to bay leaves. They go into the pot with the bones, filtered water and organic apple cider vinegar.

Let the Simmering Begin

Once all those amazing ingredients are in the pot, we let them simmer for up to 24 hours. The result is a flavorful, gelatin-rich, nutrient dense, altogether delicious bone broth, no matter which Osso Good bone broth variety you select. All are keto-friendly, paleo-friendly and gluten-free. And all are ready to serve, without you needing to keep a pot alive and simmering for a full day in the middle of your kitchen.

So that’s kind of the catch. While bone broth follows a straightforward creation process, the process can be a tad inconvenient if you don’t want to sit around your house with a simmering pot for a day or so.

Don’t fret. You can make it even easier on yourself by going for Osso Good bone broth, which is fresh, fantastic and immediately frozen to get from us to you. You simply pop it in your fridge and use as you wish for up to 72 days. Can’t get much easier than that. Shop Osso Good bone broth today.