Bone broth has been one of the newest trends sweeping the health and wellness market. You may have also noticed it on the menu, or as an ingredient at one of your favorite classy restaurants. Chefs the world over are turning to this ancient and versatile ingredient to amp up the culinary experience they provide while simultaneously delivering vital nourishment. However, bone broth has been a perennial staple of the human diet, unlike most health and wellness trends. Humans have been making bone broth since before they were farming, largely for the same reasons they make it today; nutrition. One of the primary reasons for the interest in bone broth is because it contains a high amount of collagen. This vital nutrient is very hard to find in the typical diet. This is one of the main reasons, although far from the only reason that bone broth has risen to prominence and ‘superfood’ status. Unfortunately, according to the Consumer Lab, it is challenging to find a consistent amount of collagen in bone broth generally. The organization took samples of many different bone broths, and the amount of collagen in a one-cup serving ranged from 3.8 grams to 17.6 grams! This is a huge range and why we give you tips on what to look for on the label if you’re buying your bone broth!

What Is Collagen?

Collagen is a type of protein that is very vital to the body. The compound contains high levels of the amino acids (building blocks of proteins) glycine, proline, glutamine, and hydroxyproline, which give it the beneficial properties that so many seek it out for. Collagen is the only source of protein that provides the last of the three amino acids, hydroxyproline. Collagen production is essential for the building of and health of the body’s vital connective tissues. This is what makes it so sought after. Many also have found beauty benefits and anti-aging properties that attract many consumers to animal bone broth. Type II Collagen, which is particularly hard to find in the modern diet, is contained in high amounts in chicken bones. This sought after substance makes bone broth prized by celebrities, supermodels, and those who need help with gut health or joint pain! It’s got quite a diverse clientele!

So All I Have To Do Is Have Chicken Soup To Get Collagen? Right?

Wrong! Unfortunately, regular chicken broth is very different from chicken bone broth, and the same goes regardless of what the protein is. The broth is made for a savory flavor, and it is usually cooked for a lot less time than you have to cook the bone broth. It is also usually flavored with much more sodium. The ingredients used to make it primarily consist of meat and veggies, not the animal bones and connective tissues containing the vital nutrients you get in bone broth. On the other hand, bone broth is a time-tested art that takes a lot more time! Many recipes call for at least 18-24 hours of preparation time and sometimes even more. The ingredients also consist of different parts of the animal, primarily consisting of the bone and connective tissue of the animal. The result is a very different product in both taste and texture. So, many people who expect bone broth to taste like Grandma’s homemade chicken soup may be disappointed. However, you might significantly improve grandma’s chicken soup if you add 1 part bone broth for the other broth. You will notice a richer and creamier texture, which is the crux of the reason why bone broth has made a huge splash on the health and wellness scene and fine cuisine. Many of the world’s best restaurants concoct their own special bone broth recipes that are designed for amazing the palate and providing texture and richness to dishes and sides. Don’t forget that beef bone broth is a delicious option. A quick way to incorporate bone broth easily into your daily cooking is to use it instead of hot water to cook your rice or beans! Not only will you have better tasting rice or beans, but you will also have a product that is higher in nutritional content 

Should I Make My Bone Broth? Or Should I Find It Elsewhere?

This is a choice for every individual. There are pros and cons to both decisions. However, if you don’t have the time or ability to access a kitchen and supervise the cooking of your bone broth for at least 18-24 hours, then you might want to strongly consider buying your bone broth from experts who specialize in it. Making bone broth is rarely something someone will get correct the first time. It is usually a process of trial and error, so if you’re seeking bone broth for health benefits of bone broth, the shortest way may be to join a membership or discount program with a bone broth vendor you trust. Here is one such program from a top-quality bone broth provider! They also have a special sample pack available so you can try different kinds of concoctions and mixes until you find your favorite one! Another great thing about Osso Good Bones is that it tastes AMAZING!

What To Look For When Shopping For Bone Broth

It depends on what you’re looking for. If you’re going for bone broth solely for taste and texture, then you might not be having some additional sodium. However, if you’re a health and wellness consumer, then you probably are going to be opposed to sodium, since you don’t want the health benefits to be outweighed by other things in the bone broth. It is also essential to pick only reputable vendors with business models that align with your values. If you’re shopping for health reasons, try to find bone broth that doesn’t contain high amounts of sodium. You can also find vendors that have specialized mixes with other healthy ingredients like ginger or turmeric. These ingredients can help add a dimension of health benefit to the product and can have a synergistic effect with the substantial health benefits such as joint health, bone health, and boosting the immune system, that bone broth already provides typically!