Incorporating Bone Broth Into Your Lunch Helps You Power Through the Rest of the Day

Incorporating bone broth into your lunch helps you power through the day in a number of ways — and some of them just might surprise you. It is no secret that people are raving about this healthy and delicious superfood, but here’s why drinking a cup during your lunch hour can make you a superstar.

Promotes Energy

Bone broth is rich in minerals and nutrients, such as calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus, that are essential to the body and easily absorbed. Consuming these nutrients during lunch will help boost your energy throughout the rest of the day, allowing you to accomplish more without feeling fatigued. In fact, the unique combination of vitamins and nutrients in bone broth actually encourage the production of more energy.

A Healthier Alternative to Your Afternoon Coffee

Many people turn to coffee during the early of mid-afternoon workday for a boost, but when you consume bone broth at lunch, you get a far superior pick-me-up. This is because the nutrients in bone broth are digested and absorbed right away, giving you the lasting energy you need to make it through the rest of your day. Unlike coffee, which leads to caffeine spikes and crashes, bone broth provides more steady, healthy energy. It also doesn’t place the same stress on the adrenal glands that coffee does, which means it won’t add stress like coffee can.

Mood Booster

Speaking of stress, it can deplete your energy, crash your mood, and lead to you getting less accomplished. Drinking bone broth during your lunch hour can help combat this because it’s a natural mood booster. Its protein content also helps you feel fuller longer, so you won’t be feeling irritable from a blood sugar crash mid-afternoon.

More Hydrating Than Water

Sipping a cup of bone broth in the afternoon can help your body recharge. That’s because it’s full of essential electrolytes, which help hydrate you better than water. The result is that your body is refueled and recharged without feeling tired and dehydrated.

Easy to Grab and Go

Whether you purchase convenient ready-made bone broth or make it yourself, there’s no denying it’s easy to take on the go. You can take it to work in a to-go cup or thermos, or easily reheat it in a microwave-safe container at the office. You can use it as a lunch replacement, as a beverage to go with lunch, or add other ingredients like vegetables or grains to make it a complete lunch dish. Prepare dishes with potatoes, pasta, or rice using bone broth instead of water for more nutrition, then reheat them or pack them in a food jar for lunch.

Works With Any Diet

Since it’s a natural, healthy product, bone broth is easy to incorporate into your lunch meal no matter what type of diet you’re on If you’re on a weight-loss meal plan, bone broth is an ideal lunch food with its nourishing and filling protein. On a gluten-free diet? Bone broth is gluten-free and packs a nutritious punch with its many vitamins and minerals. Can’t tolerate dairy? No worries — our bone broth is Paleo-certified and non-dairy but has a delicious creamy texture you can enjoy. If you’re trying out a detox diet to try to purify your system and improve your health, bone broth is also a great go-to that keeps you feeling satisfied and your body fueled with natural, healthy ingredients.

Overall Health Benefits to Keep You Going Strong

Another reason to drink bone broth at lunch is that it works in a variety of ways to promote overall better health. It heals the intestinal lining and reduces inflammation, which helps prevent the effects of allergens and boosts the immune system. Amino acids present in bone broth help improve digestion and sleep, and naturally occurring collagen helps improve energy as well as skin and hair. By just drinking bone broth at lunch, you can look and feel your best, while powering through your day like never before. Check out our Instagram feed for recipe ideas that make great lunches!


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