Osso Good Pacific Northwest Life

Hello out there! For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Dane, the other brother from the same mother. You might recognize my name if you’ve ever needed to contact us about anything. I work customer service for Osso Good Bone Broth, trying to get your questions and needs as quick as possible. I do this from my home: Seattle, WA.

When I’m not tracking down why UPS hasn’t delivered your package yet, I’m adventuring through life with my son Jones. My wife Ann is a Nurse Practitioner in Seattle Children’s ER and with such a demanding schedule at times, working with Osso Good and my family is really a blessing. It allows me to give my son the attention he deserves in these formative years and embark on the many outdoor exploits the Pacific Northwest has to offer.

How I use bone broth daily

Morning park visit drinking coffee with Osso Good Chicken Broth

When I’m running around town with my 1 year old or hiking up mountains with my family, I use what I believe is the best bone broth daily to energize, heal, and keep me fit. Particularly, I use 10 oz. of Chicken Bone Broth in two cups (16 oz.) of coffee every morning. This all but assures that I wont be hungry for anything else until mid day. Most days I’m making lunch and dinner for my lady and son. As most parents will attest to: cooking for a family let alone a 1 year old is difficult. Especially when you are trying to fatten your little one and keep things healthy for you and your spouse. I hope that my experiences and cooking can inspire a healthy active lifestyle while using Bone Broth as your superfood fuel for parenting. My next 7 posts will be my 7-day Bone Broth Cleanse with a sample menu for all our customers out there that ask for insight.