The Savory Smoothie: The Breakfast You Never Knew You Needed

Trying to balance eating a healthy breakfast or snack with a busy schedule can be challenging for us all. A nutrient-packed smoothie can be a fantastic meal on the go, but beware that it can also be a complicated, calorie-packed disaster.  The challenge for your daily smoothie fix lies in ensuring that you are packing your smoothie with enough protein and nutrition to keep you going until your next meal. If you are not aware of your ingredient choices and what they can possibly do to your body, you run the risk of a blood sugar crash due to the high sugar content from juices.  A savory smoothie filled with nutrient-dense protein will have you feeling nourished and full to get your day started on the right foot.


Many popular recipes include powders, supplements, nuts, fruits, and greens among the most commonly used ingredients. You may spend just as much time washing, cutting, freezing, prepping, and blending your supposedly fast and easy smoothie as you would make any other meal.  If you’re craving a simple and satisfying smoothie that happens to be more beneficial than powders and supplements, and with far fewer calories, Osso Good Bone Broth is just what the doctor ordered.


Bone broth is rich, satisfying, and nutrient-dense, and has fewer calories than many other popular smoothie ingredients. Bone broth helps with joint protection and increases bone strength, supports a healthy immune system, and offers muscle and energy recovery, making it a perfect breakfast or post-workout smoothie base.  It also has a ton of collagen proteins which provides the amino acids the body uses to make our body’s connective tissue.  In addition to tasting great, Osso Good Bone Broth takes extreme care and pride in their bone broth and ensures that all of its ingredients are non-GMO, Certified Paleo, Whole30 Approved, and hormone free, and they use responsibly raised animals from local farms that are grass-fed and finished.


Try switching up your blender routine and try two recipes that will leave you feeling more energetic, sleeping more soundly and glowing from the inside out. These quick-to-blend smoothie recipes fit the bill for a protein-and-superfood-packed breakfast or savory snack-on-the-go. Great on cold or hot mornings when you need something easy and delicious.  These Soup’r Food Smoothies will leave you satisfied and invigorated until your next meal.

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Superfood Blended Bone Broth

Avocado Smoothie


Soup’r Food Smoothies Recipes

The Avocado Smoothie!  Method: Warm 20oz Bone Broth on medium heat until simmering. After heating the broth, add it to the blender, along with an avocado, chopped cilantro, celtic sea salt, and hot sauce. Blend until smooth… around 20 seconds. Pour into your favorite mug. ENJOY!!!!


If you are looking to ease into the savory smoothie game, the Mango Smoothie is for you. With only 3 ingredients, it could not be easier or quicker to make. Simply blend together partially frozen bone broth, mango, and sea salt until smooth. Pour and enjoy!

Bone Broth Mango Smoothie

Mango Smoothie

Ready to step up your smoothie game and reap all the benefits of delectable Bone Broth? Order now and happy blending!