How the combination of kettlebells and bone broth can lead to healthy weight-loss and improved strength and flexibility.

So lets get personal… My name is Jazz and I’m one of the co-founders of Osso Good. I’m not built for running long distances, but rather picking up heavy things and moving them around 🙂 I don’t naturally have a fast metabolism, I gain weight easily and I love… LOVE good food. With that said, both the use of kettlebells and bone broth have had a huge impact on my life. Not only staying healthy at 40, but with weight-loss, gaining flexibility as well as strength.


At one point I was on my way to being a SFG and RKC certified kettlebell instructor… injury, my wedding and a few other things delayed that, but I’m now setting my sights on both certifications as well as helping run a successful bone broth business. Kettlebell work, along with the help of bone broth, has made my once weak shoulders and knees (both from injuries playing football) massively improve in both strength and flexibility.

Keep it simple and sustainable

Every day, I do at least 300 kettlebell swings using a combination of the swings/movements listed below. Along with that, I use our Osso Good 7 Day Bone Broth Cleanse to start out the process, followed by clean eating and drinking around 20 oz of bone broth per day after that initial week reboot. Adding bone broth to my daily diet is doing two things; it’s acting as a recovery tool because of its anti-inflammatory and recovery benefits, as well as providing me a nutrient-dense, low-calorie superfood. With the recipes here, staying on a healthy diet plan is pretty easy.

The Bone Broth Cleanse

The 7 day bone broth cleanse is meant to reboot your gut health and set you on a path to feeling better and supply you with better eating habits. The idea is to keep it simple. 40 oz. of bone broth per day plus whole foods as needed. This means pastured and grass-fed proteins, good saturated fats (avocado, coconut oil, and ghee), and organic vegetables. Just no dairy, grains, or added sugar which cause inflammation in your gut. Learn more about our Bone Broth Cleanse here.

The Kettlebells

I use a combination of the three weights below most often, but it’s all dependent on the swing/movement I’m doing. I like to use RKC Certified Kettlebells as well… just my preference, but choose whatever brand you like. I don’t believe in kettlebell shaming 🙂

12kg = 26lb. Kettlebell – Turkish Get-Up

16kg = 35lb. Kettlebell – Lighter swings and Turkish Get-Up

32kg = 70lb. Kettlebell – Heavy swings as well as the clean and press

Simple, yet effective workout plan

#1 – Get some nutrition and healthy fats in you

  • Half hour before your workout, warm up 10oz of bone broth and blend it with 1/4 avocado, a pinch of sea salt, handful of cilantro. Recipe can be found here. If you aren’t interested in a hot avocado smoothie, try our bulletproof bone broth recipe here. The point is to get some healthy fats and nutrient-dense foods prior to the workout.

#2 – The Warm up

  • I do this for a couple minutes to loosen my shoulders, back, chest and arms.

#3 – 10×10

  • 10 heavy bell swings with 10 seconds of rest between sets. Do this 10 times

#4 – 10 Turkish Get-Ups

#5 – 10 Clean & Press


This workout only takes about 30 minutes depending on how slowly you do the Turkish Get-Ups. I tend to take my time as you get more from it. I try to do this 3 times per day (but only once will be sufficient), while only occasionally doing all workouts (swings, get-ups and clean & press) for the day all in one session. At the end of the day you’ll have done 300 heavy swings (remember, your heavy may not be my heavy… work at your own weight), 30 Turkish Get-ups, and 30 Clean & Presses. You’ll feel great and gain strength and flexibility pretty quickly! Oh, and weight-loss is an added bonus 🙂


Once I’ve finished I tend to have more bone broth along with some healthy fats and clean proteins. That’s really all it takes. Simple and repeatable.


Please keep in mind, I’m not a trainer or nutritionist… just an average guy that is sharing what works for me. Hope this helps you out as well.


Why use bone broth for recovery?

After a workout, you’ll want to replace electrolytes, hydrate, and provide your body with a source of protein. The collagen and glycine may help soft tissues recover, and its consumption supports your digestive and overall immune system health by strengthening your gut. The collagen/gelatin found in quality bone broth like ours helps lubricate your joints, reduce inflammation and is considered a qi mover in Traditional Chinese Medicine, which helps you feel energized and alert without the use of caffeine and the jitters that come with that.

Osso Good is the source for small batch organic bone broths online and in the San Francisco Bay Area. For more information, please visit our website at <a href=""></a>.