What Bone Broth Will Do for Your Metabolism

While bone broth has been used for centuries as a health-boosting beverage, it’s coming into its own as more research is done into exactly how it improves overall physical wellness. Among its many benefits, including decreasing the risk of autoimmune disease, healing digestive issues and rebalancing the gut, improving the appearance of hair, skin, and nails, and reducing joint pain and inflammation, bone broth can also be a diet staple for weight loss. Learn what bone broth will do for your metabolism and how it can help you shed extra pounds and feel better.

What Is Bone Broth?

Bone broth is different from stock or traditional packaged broth — it’s made by slowly simmering bones, meat, connective tissue, and feet of the animal to absorb their nourishing benefits and turn them into an easily digested, delicious liquid full of gelatin, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. Osso Good Bone Broth takes it a step further by sourcing only the highest quality, organic ingredients and those from humanely raised animals, so you know that what you’re putting in your body is the best.Before it’s heated, bone broth often has a thick, gelatinous texture that lets you know how nutrient-rich it is, and that melts into creamy goodness when you warm it up.

Why Bone Broth?

The benefits of bone broth are numerous, and there has been a lot of research into its health-improving properties. Bone broth contains glycosaminoglycans, a group of essential molecules that support collagen production and the health of connective tissue. A deficiency of these nutrients can play a role in certain autoimmune diseases, arthritis, and certain digestive issues.

Additionally, bone broth is a high-quality source of collagen and gelatin, which also support many essential functions in the body. Collagen makes up roughly one-third of our body’s total protein; it helps to boost elasticity in muscles and connective tissue while also supporting both the appearance and healthy function of our largest organ — our skin. Gelatin, which is a byproduct of breaking down collagen, has been proven to aid in the digestion of certain foods and help balance, heal, and seal the gut biome. It reduces inflammation and is easy on sensitive stomachs.

Bone Broth and Your Metabolism

Because it’s high in protein and low in carbohydrates and saturated fats, bone broth fits in great with many weight loss plans, such as a ketogenic or paleo diet or the use of intermittent fasting. Bone broth is also rich in amino acids that aren’t easily found in other foods, such as glutamine, which has a big impact on your immune system, liver function, and metabolism.


To fuel your daily activity, the body relies on glucose, a blood sugar produced when you eat carbohydrates. When you’re eating a diet lower in carbs to lose weight, your body has less glucose available — this is how a low-carb diet helps you burn fat. Here’s where glutamine is vital: Glucose is still important in keeping energy levels high and supporting recovery functions, and instead of finding it from the digestion of starchy foods, the body can make it from glutamine. As you eat less naturally occurring glucose, your body turns to glutamine as a source, and that conversion of glutamine to glucose helps stimulate your metabolism. Bone broth is an excellent source of glutamine and other minerals that provide electrolytes, support bone health, and stimulate muscle recovery, making it an easy, post-exercise supplement — it contains everything you need in one serving, making it more cost-effective and less stressful than taking multiple pills or powders.


Another benefit of drinking bone broth instead of taking traditional supplements is that it can be used for intermittent fasting or soup cleanses to reset the gut and boost your metabolism. Liquid fasting is an ancient practice that involves abstaining from all solid foods, with the purpose of giving your digestive system a break and helping to slow down cellular inflammation. Research shows that fasting for a short period of time, usually one to three days, can trigger the production of white blood cells and human growth hormones, which may increase the body’s ability to break down body fat as fuel, resulting in an increase in your metabolic rate. Note that certain diet plans may be better than others for your particular situation. Before making a drastic change, check with a doctor or health care provider about your plan.


Given its numerous health benefits, including its support of weight loss, bone broth is quickly becoming the most sought-after — and delicious — wellness supplement around. Consider adding Osso Good Bone Broth to your daily routine as a nourishing breakfast, energy-boosting snack, or soothing treat before bed.


Bone broth is a superfood that will fit into your weight loss goals, whether you’re following a ketogenic diet, trying paleo, or following another plan. Learn about how Osso Good Bone Broth, which is rich in vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and other substances that support healthy cell function, may give you a metabolic boost — helping you lose weight and burn fat.

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